Victory Sports Camps (Balloholics) is a non profit organization formed in 2006 to teach  kids to set goals and the life lessons embedded in sports. We receive no government funding and the program is completely self sufficient. It has continued to grow because of the quality of the program and word of mouth from our parents and students.

Why do we exist?

In 2006 Victory Sports Camps was born with the idea creating an environment where a well rounded whole child  approach to building confidence and self esteem as the backbone of our program. We believe in accepting kids into our program regardless of their situation and provide sport participation to help at risk youth navigate their formative years. Its obvious that today with the breakdown of the traditional family, the many options available to children today who seem in a race to act as grown ups; those questions still need to be answered today for many children.

In 2013 the ABA came calling and asked if we would be interested in this opportunity to join this growing league. After several weeks of thought we verbally agreed to proceed as we saw it as a perfect fit with our youth program. It gives our kids a new goal in basketball if they choose to become athletes. It provides a stepping stone for all young players in BC to continue their playing careers right here in Vancouver and hopefully move on to bigger and better things. This extends to any and all of our staff who may wish to work in professional sports of any kind one day from ticketing to marketing to sales or equipment managing. It’s a FANtastic opportunity to jumpstart young playing careers or young professional sport management/marketing careers right here in Vancouver.

Our goal is to make a difference in one life and bring value to our community.

We aspire to be more than a basketball program and we work very hard at it.