Balloholics Looking For Players in 2017

UPDATE: The trip to Hawaii is cancelled due to the Hawaii team leaving the ABA to join a new league in Asia. We wish them the best in this new endeavor.  Balloholics are still working toward building programs and relations in China which will include the Senior Men’s Team and youth programs.

Senior Balloholics will be putting together team for overseas trip in the summer of 2017. The Balloholics have been busy reworking the senior model while we will not be hosting any games this season. There are very few teams in our region this season making games costly to host or travel to. The phone however never stops ringing with opportunities for the team or players calling wanting to join the program. The main focus this fall has been our youth program which continues to grow.

We are still looking for players to join the program this summer and working toward a model that will succeed in this region.

If you are interested in player development opportunities please contact us with your player background. Wayne Best or