Balloholic Senior Mens Team is working at a change in the format from home and away schedule to international tournaments. While we had problems last season having now defunct ABA teams in the PNW show up to their games. Balloholics continue to work on trying to find a format to work in the region. Our youth program continues to reach new heights.

Several members of the senior team staff and players were in China this summer on different trips. A total of 7 team members were in various cities in China in July. We are now in a position to offer local players international experience to showcase their talent. We may have to widen our search for players qualified to play internationally.

Head Coach Dave was invited to Hangzhou to demonstrate and talk about the Balloholic Youth program. This has created new relationships in China with programs being discussed for our youth and senior team players both here and in China. Its very exciting and stay tuned for details when finalized.

There will be no tryout for the Senior Mens Team this fall. If you’re interested in playing internationally contact us at info@balloholic.com . We will be announcing shortly the plans for the 2016/17 season.