Balloholics Head To China

Victory Sports Camps are happy and grateful to announce that founder of Balloholics basketball program Dave Poon Tip has been formally invited to visit the Peoples Republic of China by Infistar 星极体育联盟 Basketball Club to appear at their summer camps and talk about the Balloholics youth program and join a cultural exchange in the future. We look forward to the amazing opportunity that we have to share our program overseas.

We are very excited  to build a long term relationship with Infistar 星极体育联盟. We would like to thank Bill Ju for recommending our program over all others and the many years he has known us.

Also headed to China is Gabe Gibbs a member of the Balloholics Senior Basketball team to aid in some practical demos of our practices. Dave and Gabe will leave July 7th for Shanghai and HangZhou for 11 days. Its taken many conversations over the years to get HB over to China. We are pleased to be on the same page as far as what we bring to the table other than basketball.

While in China the Balloholics will also explore opportunities for the Senior Balloholic team and sponsorship.