Big thanks go out to the great team who volunteered to bring pro basketball to Vancouver. A disappointing end to the 2015-16 season is an understatement. The fact is we can only control our own actions which were the best we could do in putting together a solid team and operation. We know we had a solid going into the second part of the season as after cancelling their game one team began recruiting our players to play with them in China in May. I’m sure their local players appreciated it. Classy?

In our 2 seasons to date it’s clear there is a big need both from a fan perspective and player perspective for another level of basketball in this city. Having seen many leagues come and go over the decades we feel we have the only model that will work in Canada but we can’t play with ourselves. Balloholics youth program continues to thrive and grow. We invested in a senior team the results somewhat mixed.

We are working to build a new model for our senior team moving forward that will work for us and the future players in the region. The objective remains the same. Give the players in this region a platform to grow , improve and move to the next level.

It’s a big job and we could use a hand. Sponsorship must play a part moving forward along with opportunity for the players. If we can’t meet those goals we can’t provide the right product. The work continues and we are making progress in recent days on a new model moving forward.