April 11, 2016
Indianapolis, IN. The American Basketball Association (ABA) today released the names of players selected for the ABA All Star Game to be played in Baltimore, MD on Friday, April 22nd. “This was the toughest year ever to select the All Star teams,” stated ABA Co-founder Joe Newman. “With nearly 90 teams and 1000 players, the talent in the ABA is truly amazing. I have no doubt that these players and many others in the league could give any professional sports league in the world a run for their money and that includes the NBA, D-League and top international teams. Too bad that they have turned down challenges for our All Star teams to compete against them. It would probably “bust the bubble” that they have a corner on the top talent. They don’t by a long shot.”

Dr. J All Star Team
Maurice Mickens, Guard, Jacksonville Giants
Kevin Rouhlac, Forward Daytona Sharks
Calvin Lee, Forward, DMV Warriors
Brandon Baker, Center, Southwest Warriors
Jon Tassen, Guard Mobile Bay Tornados
Lawrence Baker, Forward, Steel City Yellow Jackets
Tim Ware, Forward, South Florida Gold
Jerry Dancer, Guard, Texas Skyriders
Andre Muse, Guard, Chicago Steam
Stephen Ruple Jr, Guard, Bronx Holy Flames
Elijah Smith, Forward, Jacksonville Giants
Juan Brown, Guard, Chicago Fury
plus Baltimore Hawks MVP

George Gervin All Star Team
Will Werner, Guard, Jackson Showboats
Lionel Perkins, Forward, York Buccaneers
Bryan Calloway, Fayetteville Flight
Elan Davis, Guard, Brooklyn Skyrockets
Eric Stewart, Guard, Texas Red Wolves
Jarrick Bowe, Guard, New York Court Kingz
Deandre Hall, Guard, Laredo Swarm
LaVonte Douglas, Forward, Windy City Groove
Khamine Gredic, Guard, Mid South Echoes
P.J. Meyers, Guard, Georgia Kingz
Almin Hodzic, Center, Jersey Express
Tyler Diehl, Guard, Georgia Gwizzlies
Antoine Obery, Forward, Jersey Express
plus Miami Midnites MVP

“Prior to the All Star game, there will be a variety of skills contests including 3 point shooting, slam dunk and others,” added Newman. “I hope some major scouts attend because they are likely to see performances that will amaze them.” For more information, visit www.americanbasketballassociation.org and www.abaliveaction.com.