Jose Colorado Moves On

Jose Colorado was with the Balloholics for a short stay moves on to El Salvador. We wish him the best with his new team. Jose stepped in the same day another player chose to give up on his dream and replaced him on our roster. Below a few words from Jose.

“I came to the Vancouver Balloholics nearly two years removed from any sort of competitive basketball environment, let alone professional setting. Despite that, the franchise gave me every opportunity to prove myself when I approached them. It would have been easy to simply dismiss my request for a tryout but the Balloholics actually evaluated me on my performance on the court rather than any sort of preconceived notion.

It’s with that in mind that I say, if you are serious about reviving or extending your ball career then there are likely few other professional organizations as fruitful as this one around. The coaches are connected, the city is amazing and the roster isn’t overcrowded. I’ve heard of so many horror stories of terribly-run west coast ABA teams. Now I can’t speak on that but what I will say from first-hand experience is, if you are invested in the program, the franchise will be equally as invested in you. I showed up to each practice, game and helped out in the youth academy by coaching and refereeing. For that, the General Manager, Wayne Best, went to bat for me when I approached other full-time professional teams. Having a professional organization speak highly on my behalf definitely helped me achieve my goal of becoming a full-time pro ball player. And for that I can’t say anything but of the highest regard of the franchise, coaching staff and people.”

-Jose Colorado, one-time shooting guard for the Vancouver Balloholics (2015-2016: 11.75 points, 3.75 assists in four games played)

Signed with EXSAL Basketball in El Salvador

Good Luck Jose