Balloholics And VIP Travel Launch EXPEDIA Link

VIP LINKExciting news today as second year sponsor VIP Travel has arranged an affiliate link with Expedia for Victory Sports Camps. How it works is pretty simple. If you plan on going on a trip and sometimes use Expedia to do your booking , just come to our site or and click on the Expedia link and continue your vacation search for flights , hotels or car rentals anywhere in the world.

We are very pleased to be working with Indy and Salim at VIP Travel. They have been very supportive from day one with advice and support. Their offices are located in New West very close to many of our classes at 110-815 First Street. They have a second location in Vancouver at #225 – 2211 West 4th Avenue.  Feel free to stop by and ask they about your next trip. Having used Expedia for many years I know VIP can save you time and $$ money. We are happy to pass the job onto them with booking our team flights, vans and hotels this summer for our travel teams.