Balloholics in Abbotsford vs Columbia Bible College

Oct 10/2105 – Contributed by Clint Lomax

Balloholics 102 – Columbia Bible College 92

One of the shorter trips that the Balloholics have this season, they arrived in Abbottsford to get ready for another tilt vs a young, energetic squad. This would be the third exhibition game of the season, and despite injuries, the Vancouver team looked stocked with talent! Last year’s rooks turned vets in their 2nd year with the Balloholics: Demitri Harris, Gabe Gibbs, and Aneetan Braich, anchored a solid roster to start this game. Balloholics would welcome an ABA vet from across the border in Carlos Singer! This addition will look to strengthen the team as the injured players begin to come back later in the season!

With both teams missing key players, the Balloholics would jump all over Columbia Bible College, running out to a 27-8 1st quarter lead. The experience was apparent, but the energy from Vancouver exceed their counterparts early on. The 2nd quarter would be the complete opposite for the young CBC team! Their energy and opportunistic hustle, allowed them to get back in the game with a 30 point quarter! Even with that high output, Vancouver still held a double digit lead going into halftime. Gibbs, Harris, and Braich had good first halves, and was also helped by Gabriel Dibbs putting in 6 first half points.

The third quarter would prove to be pivotal in what would turn this game from a scrimmage, into an out and out barn burner! CBC carried their 2nd quarter spurt right into the 3rd quarter where they would score 32 points in the period. They had the Balloholics on their heels, with their swarming defense and frenetic fast break! The Balloholics would keep the lead at the end of the 3rd quarter, but only by a slim 4 point lead! The 4th quarter was a tight affair, with both teams trading shots. CBC would take a slim lead in the middle of the quarter, and the Balloholics had to dig deep if they had hopes of pulling out a victory! After a late timeout, the Balloholics would put together one of the most impressive one minute and 30 second runs so far this season! Vancouver would put on the full press, and score 10 straight points capped by two alley oop dunks by Demitri Harris by way of Carlos Singer! That run would build a cushion that the Balloholics would hold onto.

Great early season contest that the Balloholics will definitely learn from.

Player scores to come.